Monday, December 29, 2008

Stuff on the Net I Like...

Thought I'd take the time to give kudos to some of the things on the Internet I find really useful or fun. In no particular order...

(Update: Lesson learned with Blogger - don't use relative sizes for images, e.g. height="10%", they look like they work until you publish and then they seem to get ignored. Use absolute values, e.g. height="100px".)

grooveelectic is nice regular music mix you can get via podcast. I find it's great music for working out but not so in your face that it can't be used as background music while you're working.

I admit I was skeptical at first of Facebook. But now that I've used it for a while, I see it's a great way to keep track, if not in touch, with people.

Bruce Schneier
Some of my professional side showing through here, but if you want a good, pragmatic view of computer security and security in general, Bruce Shneier is a good source. He has both a blog as well as a monthly email.

DropBox is just a great network filesystem, letting you store and access files from multiple computers. It has web interface as well as a software to sync the files with a directory on your local filesystem. It doesn't get any easier.

Firefox is an alternative web browser to IE, Safari, etc. I find it very useful because it runs on all the different computers I use plus you can add all sorts of add-ons to increase its usefulness.

Delicious is a great alternative to web browser bookmarks. All your saved sites can be accessed from multiple computers, plus you can tag sites with multiple keywords and sort or search based on keywords. And if you are a Firefox users, there is a great extension to make using delicious easy.

Google Docs
Google has a lot of useful things, but if I limit myself to just one thing, it would be Google Docs. Collaborative on-line sharing and editing of documents done right.

Every Day Fiction
Every Day Fiction is a daily short story you can read in five minutes. You can get it either via email or RSS.

The Fail Blog
The Fail Blog is just a good daily dose of mindless humor.

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